Use Your Words: Writing and Presenting Meaningful Reflections

Whether you’re sharing a piece about your faith, your dogs, or you’re trying to inspire your staff to plunge a toilet, using your words effectively is important in our line of work. Using her background in Campus Ministry and faith-based camping, Alana will guide you in using your words to create a reflection or message that will get your point across. Take some time to think about how to use them effectively!

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Camper Behavior

Every interaction we have with a camper has the potential to teach us about who they are and how they are feeling. Behavior is an expression. We are only telling half the story when we approach camper behavior from just a negative vantage point.

This session is about the strategies and techniques for supporting the best behavior and guiding the learning from more challenging behavior. There is a direct correlation between supporting, guiding, and creating the right environment for positive behavior and a decrease in negative behavior. We will specifically discuss the culture and philosophy at camp that supports this change in perspective, how to develop and train on these ideas, and what all of this looks like in the field.

Safe Discomfort: Building Camp Environments For Optimized Grit and Perseverance

Grit and perseverance are known to be success factors for long term success. Moving safely through discomfort in modified camp structures and with new ways of communicating can help build grittiness.

AMPP’d up on Conflict Resolution

Ever try to resolve a conflict with an employee, colleague, participant, or customer and it ends up getting very heated very quickly with no real resolution? AMPP’d up on Conflict Resolution will talk about methods you can use to better meet the needs of the person(s) in conflict and how to have those conversations in a calm and understanding manner.

What I Learned About Inclusion From My Campers of Different Abilities!

What is the difference between accommodating and including? Is my camp culture one of Inclusion? What are the benefits for all campers and staff in an inclusive camp? We will discuss these questions and learn ways to start down an inclusive path.

Campers Decide it All

From creating the rules to deciding the day’s schedule, we let campers decide it all. The power of autonomy, group decision, reciprocity, setting boundaries, speaking up for yourself and more stem from allowing children to make decisions. Learn how one camp model of child-driven culture increases confidence, creativity, social intelligence and grit in campers.

Creating Leaders…a CIT Program That Works!

Making the transition from camper to counselor is not easy. How does your camp train future leaders? Are you looking to start a new CIT program or revamp the one you already have? This session will provide camps with an outline for how to create a successful CIT program that works for your camp. The handouts will include a variety of activities to use so you can tailor your program to work for your camp. I am a day camp director but there will be tools in this workshop that can apply to overnight camp directors too!

Promoting Positive Relationships with Food and Body Image at Camp

Youth today are facing more pressure from diet culture than ever before. Research shows that 50% of 3-6 year old worry about being fat. 80% of 10-year-old girls have been diet. And over 50% of females between ages of 18-25 would prefer to be run over by a truck then be fat. These statistics are alarming. Camps are perfectly positioned to create body-positive environments. They are able to promote healthy relationships with food and teach youth about evidenced-based nutrition principles. If summer camps are not intentional about providing their staff members with the knowledge of how to promote these environments for their campers, diet culture will continue to be prevalent.

Fostering Self-Esteem in Teenage Girls

Being a teenage girl in 2018 isn’t easy. In addition to hormonal changes and challenging peer relationships, these young women must battle with societal and cultural pressures to attain perfection, leading to higher levels of anxiety and lower self-esteem. Discover the unique issues affecting teenage girls in today’s society and how you can foster positive interactions and boost self-esteem through practical hands-on activities.