Do you want to be a part of SCampCon? We can sure use your help. It’s not easy to run an event like this.

We need volunteers to help with the following:

Q&A Interviewers
If you don’t mind being on video (“Hey ma! I’m famous!) and have always aspired to be a talk show host (“You get a car, and you get a car…”), this may be perfect for you. You’ll ask the speakers questions taken from the chat area. Easy peasy.

Production Assistant
Ever run the tech for a webinar? No worries, Curt will show you all you need to know (after he figures it out himself). Be the person behind the curtain that makes it all happen.

Chat Ninjas
Are you one of those people who feels bad when someone types something in the chat and nobody responds? Or gets uncomfortable when nobody is chatting and there are only crickets?  We need your chat ninja skills. simply chat with others before the sessions (Where is everyone from?) and answer basic questions if possible. When someone says “My screen is frozen” you can say “Try to refresh the page”. Things like that.

Easy Support
During the event we will have chat support available. An attendee asks a question via support chat and the easy support volunteers type an answer. Questions will most likely be things like “How do I log in?”, “How long is the replay?”, “Can I get the link for a specific session?” Curt will always be available for questions that are unusual.


Please fill out the form below if interested.
Please note: Volunteers should be available for at least a full day, but it would be nice if you could volunteer for multiple days.