The one and only online summer camp conference.


Over 40 summer camp experts and other professionals are sharing their insights and knowledge on a variety of topics. You’ll come away with ideas and actionable steps to make your 2020 summer the best one yet!

Summer Camp Con was created out of the desire to provide a professional development event for camp professionals who may not have the budget, time or desire to attend a live conference.

This is a global event where camp professionals from all over the world are encouraged to speak and/or attend.



The educational tracks have not yet been decided on for November’s event.

Below are the tracks from the last event and will most likely be the same for the next…but we like to keep our options open. 🙂


For the big-cheese, the head-honcho, the big-kahuna, and those aspiring to eventually de-thrown the director and plant your flag as king of camp.

We’ve got just the workshops for you!

From advice on building your team, collecting data, and managing records to being more productive and partnering with parents we’ve got everything you’ll need to lead your team to victory… err, we mean a great healthy, non- usurping summer!


THE YOUTHS! With their technology, and tight pants… Who knows what to do with them?!?

Actually, we do.

Yep, the Royal we… that includes you.
We know that you’re awesome and you take what you do really seriously, that’s why we’ve invited some really smart folks with great ideas to help us get EVEN BETTER at supporting the young people we care so deeply about.

From camper autonomy to inclusion, grit & perseverance, our presenters will help you create great CIT programs, normalize relationships with food and body image, and help girls cultivate self-esteem. You don’t want to miss these sessions.


The very best way to ensure incredible programming, a safe and inclusive camp experience, and campers who feel seen and valued is to do it all yourself hire and train amazing staff!!

Our presenters will share not only interviewing & staff training advice, but tips on building community, creating buy-in, and they’ll knock your socks off with how charming and delightful they are!


The wonderful world of marketing. It doesn’t have to feel icky or hard. You’re not going door to door selling vacuum cleaners – you’re selling a life changing experience! (Although, arguably, a great vacuum can be life changing…)

With the clever tips from our presenters you’ll learn how to make your blogs, social media, logos, and photographs look AHH-mazing! You’ll also learn some strategies for that new camp you’ve secretly been planning and how to sell this amazing experience that is not only super fun but is also actually GOOD for THE YOUTHS!


As incredible as our programming may be, there are always things we can do better or different. After all, we don’t want little Jonny and Susie to get bored doing the same thing every summer. It may be time to mix things up.

The advice and ideas from our speakers will help you create and deliver incredible, innovative, inexpensive, other words that start with i, programs!

Why should you attend Summer Camp Con?

1. You’ll learn A LOT.

We are all looking for new ideas, perspectives, and tactics.

SCampCon gives you the option to attend not just a few workshops, but with 24 hour replays, you can watch (or re-watch) them all. And with the All-Access Pass you watch the recordings over and over again until you’ve absorbed every bit of knowledge from them and can repeat the presentations like the lyrics from a Beyonce song.

But seriously, (as though talking about Beyonce isn’t serious!) even if you find just a couple of gold nuggets in these workshops, it could be the information that will take your camp to the next level.

2. There’s no need to travel.

Booking airline and hotel reservations can be frustrating, especially if you’re looking for the most economical solutions. Then there’s the actual traveling, TSA, crying babies, crowded airplanes, waiting… sock feet on a germ filled floor, the paralyzing fear of ending up in a room with no windows… oh, no? Just me? Ok.

Once you finally get to the hotel you have to check-in, find your room, sleep in a strange bed after doing an extensive CSI style search for potential signs of bed bugs… just me again? Ok…
Hopefully, you aren’t near the ice machine or elevator. Don’t forget the return flight home.


Instead of all that traveling, you can sit back and enjoy the workshops from the comfort of your office, home or local coffee shop if you want. You’ll still be able to ask questions and even chat with other participants.
Learning in your pjs with no bed bugs in sight? Count. Me. In.

3. You’ll save loads of money.

Conferences require a large investment of time and money. After paying for registration, flights, hotel accommodations and all the other little incidentals and add-ons, you could end up spending over $1500. What could you do with that extra money at camp?
$1500 buys a lot of toilet paper and glow sticks, let me tell ya!


What is Summer Camp Con?

Summer Camp Con is the first virtual (online) conference for camp professionals. It runs for 7 days with 3-6 workshops per day.

Our speakers are camp professionals and leaders in their related industries. What they have in common is extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the summer camp industry.

Who is running this event?

Curt “Moose” Jackson is running solo for this event. He is a long-time camp professional, blogger, author and swell guy. You can learn more about him on his site You can find his books on or Amazon.

He’s hoping Patti Sampson (who co-created the first event) will be dropping in during the conference to say hi.

Who should attend SCampCon?

Camp professionals of every level and type of camp will benefit from the breadth of knowledge these experts are sharing.

Wide eyed and bushy tailed seasonal staff working their way up the ranks will take away a ton, and grizzled ol’ field tested camp directors and ED’s will also find some gems to improve their already awesome techniques.

When can I watch the workshops?

Well, well, well… funny you should ask…
There are two ways to watch the conference.

  1. You can attend the workshops live each day between November 18-24. This is the preferred way so you can participate in the chat and ask the speaker questions.
  2. You can watch the workshops any time you want by slapping your hand on the counter and saying “I want to watch these intelligent, attractive, people delivering valuable information and actionable steps on my schedule and at my leisure, doggone it!” And then purchase the All Access Pass to watch the workshops as often as you like.