Using Personality Theory to Understand and Invest in Your Staff

Come hear how Personality Theory has dynamically influenced the way I seek to understand and empathize with volunteers and staff members. I will seek to break down the major workings of Personality Theory, explain the practical uses of it, and share some great tools that have helped me in understandings and utilizing it in my daily tasks at camp.

Creating an Interview Rubric for More Effective Staff Hiring

Sometimes staff applicants just “feel” like a good fit for camp. While that may seem true, that is also another way that bias rears its head in hiring. During this workshop, learn how to identify specific qualities, experiences, and skills in your staff applicants through a system that reduces the amount of personal bias that factors into a hiring decision. This process is helpful for the lone-ranger who wants validation to support their hiring decisions or the team of hiring managers who can’t agree on certain candidates. This workshop also includes a PDF of the presenter’s field-tested favorite interview questions.

Make It Memorable: Staff Training that Stands the Test of Time

Nothing can be more frustrating than investing time and resources to train staff before the season only to find out that information is lost when needed most. Learn the truth about your current training process and discover the best and worst ways to boost the learning power of your staff. Find out how the brain works and make simple adjustments to your teaching strategies that will improve retention of critical information. Make learning memorable this summer while indulging staff with innovative teaching methods in order to forge information into memories that stand the test of time.

Inclusion and Diversity Planning – Supporting Trans, Trans+ and Genderqueer Campers, Families and Staff

Gender diverse individuals report higher rates of violence, harassment, discrimination, depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicidality than their peers. Camps can play an integral role in supporting gender diverse individuals but often camps do not have the knowledge to take a proactive approach. This leaves staff to react and adapt existing policy when they are being pulled in multiple directions during program season.

This session will provide a framework for developing Inclusion and Diversity Plans that will equip organizations and staff with guidelines, tools and language to take a proactive approach in supporting gender diverse individuals.

Ghosts are Great for Halloween, Not for Staffing a Camp

How to engage your summer staff and create buy-in between the time you hire them and their start date at camp.

How To Effectively Obtain Buy-In

Change is scary. If you ever have struggled to obtain support for a change, then this is the session for you. We will dive into why individuals are resistant to change, and how to effectively obtain buy-in. You will walk away with different strategic tips and solutions that you can implement immediately with staff or adapt to work other constituents.

Building Community – It’s the Most Important Thing

Drawing from 30 years of Leadership Training, Beth will share some of her very best techniques and activities to create a strong and vibrant community in which staff will thrive. Focus will be on building successful relationships with staff, bridging the gaps in communication, creating respectful and compassionate environments, and opening doors to a climate for effective learning.

Nurturing Staff and Campers To Be Confidently Self-Resilient

Camp is a wonderful opportunity for campers and staff to develop increased self-confidence without the fear of failure or ridicule. It isn’t as easy as just “getting to camp” and there are ways to help them become the people they want to be. This interactive session will provide participants specific tools to help campers and staff become more confident and self-resilient.

We are Here: Connecting with the Next Generation

Join this lively discussion where “Gen Z”ers share their perspectives on work, supervision, dreams and fears.

RRV – Work through anything with anyone.

RRV is about being able to respond to anyone in any state and diffuse the situation by reading between the lines, hearing what they don’t say, as well as what they do and ultimately – have everyone feel as though they are listened to and understood. The presentation is a mix of lecture, participation and playing with ideas.