Being Highly Sensitive at Camp

Are you someone that notices details, feels incredibly deeply, can get overwhelmed in groups, are often told you are sensitive or feel like you feel other people’s emotions? You may be a highly sensitive individual!

Come learn how to move through life at camp with this as your superpower, and how to support staff and campers that are highly sensitive.

You’ll learn about…

  • The qualities of Highly Sensitive People and that this is not a disorder, rather a distinct population.
  • Self-Care strategies for HSPs (if you are one or to help campers and staff)
  • Strategies to cultivate your sensitivity (this is for everyone) in facilitating groups, building brave spaces, and managing staff

Ange Atkinson

Consent is Cool at Camp

Learning about consent happens well before the bedroom and can be a powerful tool at camp to teach campers and staff radical empathy and empowerment. This session will share easy ways to adjust your language and tactics this summer to teach campers about consent and deepen your community’s commitment to being an inclusive, safe, and respectful environment for all.


Ruby Compton

Creating Community and Culture in a Day Camp Staff

Residential camps have an enveloping culture and community that is created in the Counselor Building, on days off and during the long camp days, but how do we foster that same sense of culture and community at day camp where the days are shorter and the off time is spent apart? In this session, we will discuss creating a community and culture in a day camp environment through the use of camp sponsored events, open conversations, recognition and continued group professional development.


Shauna Guglielmo

Exposing the Heart of Camp…Is There a Camp Staffer in All of Us?

Join Clemson undergraduate students as we explore what motivates them to work at camp and learn from their peers who they think would be great camp staff to understand why they don’t work at camp.  We will wrap up the discussion with some ideas of what camp professionals can do to help convert the “I never thought about camp” people.


Gwynn Powell

Fill Your Staffing Needs NOW!

Much like Paula Cole, you may be asking where have all the cowboys gone… I mean counselors. Good news: I found them! Hear the story and strategies used to recruit staff and have them all hired by March. Then learn how to keep them engaged throughout the summer.

I’ll be sharing tips on what to do as well as tips I learned the hard way of what NOT to do.


Isaac Brubaker

How to Effectively Handle Resistance, Backlash, or an Aggressive Counterculture

Eureka! You have just come up with the perfect solution to solve that pesky problem. You eagerly present your solution only to be shut down.

You were hired to bring a “breath of fresh air” to the team. Each time you propose a new idea, you hear the phrase “but we have always done it this way!”

While you have always loved camp, your workplace is starting to kill that love. From terrible communication to cliques with rampant gossip, you cannot help but feel that all your energy is spent surviving a toxic workplace rather than making the best summer for the campers.

If you can relate to any of the three above statements or simply wish to prevent them from occurring at your camp, this session is for you.

It is unfortunate that resistance, backlash, and even an aggressive counterculture may be found among any of our campers, parents, staff, leadership, or even board members. The good news is any role can help their camp buffer or even recover from these phenomena. Come learn how.


Andrea ``Ash`` Nash

Mid-Summer Burnout Busters

I am passionate about the camping industry and all of the benefits that camp brings to the campers, the counselors and the staff. By integrating self-care techniques into the camping programs, the directors, the counselors and the campers can learn to put the valuable lessons of taking care of you first. By the director implementing self-care, being able to reduce stress and burnout, will be a more effective leader and have strategies to work with their staff. The same goes for the counselors and staff. At the end of the day, the techniques that I teach will change your camp in such positive ways that you will attract amazing staff, have campers coming back year after year, camper waitlists and increase profitability!
OMG! That’s what my clients say about me.


Marsha Gleit

New Year, New Team: Building Teams That Succeed

We all need to be in this work together, but how do you successfully form a team that will be successful this year? During this session, discover ways to pull together your team and what can damage that team. Begin developing an action plan for success during this reflective and thought-provoking session.


Kelly Coulthard

Staffing: A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Looking for help with staff recruiting, hiring and retention efforts? Take advantage of the many FREE resources available to support the work you do to attract, find, and keep the quality staff you need to keep your doors open. ACA Project Real Job Co-Chairs will share valuable information on internships, translating the camp experience to a resume, and tips learned from facilitating staffing think-tank sessions around the country. Leave with renewed energy for one of the most important tasks you have in preparation for summer 2020!

Participants will:

  • Acquire awareness of free staff recruiting resources available to all camp professionals
  • Recognize standard internship requirements
  • Translate skills learned by working at camp into a resume format
  • Collect various ideas on recruiting, hiring and retaining staff

Kim Aycock

Supporting Staff with Special Needs

Many camps are inclusive for campers with individual, special needs. Having a staff that represents your camp community helps campers to feel more connected. It feels like a big undertaking and may take some more effort, but you CAN support staff with individual needs and it will be worth it! This workshop will help you break down your camp jobs to see how and where you can be more inclusive.

This session will be more Day Camp focused, because that is what Ellen is most familiar with, but it will offer ideas and suggestions that can be used at overnight camps as well.


Ellen Weismer

Supporting Your Staff: Fostering Leadership Qualities in All

What does an emerging leader look like? Have you encountered a counselor, whose potential is limitless? As a leader, are there ways I can infuse a sense of buy-in and ownership into my staff, to help bring the camp’s vision to life. The key to a positive camp environment is fostering an environment where others feel supported and encouraged to grow into the best versions of themselves. This is a workshop that will dive into strategies for staff recognition, empowerment and engagement.


Robert Hunter