All Camps Should be Science Camps!

All young people are natural scientists, and summer learning loss is a real thing. We have the opportunity to slow the summer learning loss phenomenon through camp programming. But developing awesome science programs can be intimidating for the non-scientists.

Come learn some pointers for creating your own science unit that will inspire all campers to be better scientists and all little scientists to be more engaged campers! I’ll introduce a tool I’ve modified and combined from several different sources to help you get started offering more, better quality, and fun science at any camp.


Leilani Nussman

Exploring the World of Week-long Themed Specialty Camps

In this session, you will learn about how we formulate and run week-long themed specialty camps throughout the summer which are a popular trend in day camp programs. Each week, in addition to popular camps like traditional camp and sports camps, we offer approximately five to seven specialty programs that are “outside of the box” experiences for our campers. These camp themes can include anything from American Ninja Warrior, to Mermaid Camp, to Welcome to Hogwarts, Minion Madness – the list goes on and on.

You will be presented with all of the details included in these programs from budget to staffing, to how to choose themes, to schedules, and writing and implementing curriculums. Whether you are ready to offer full week-long camp programs or are interested in adding additional creative themes to your electives, there will be something that everyone can take away from this session and implement back at home!


Ilana Schlam

Gamefication of Educational Programs in Children’s Camps

In this session Nastia will share her experience of making educational roleplay programmes for camps. Including gamefication technics as narratives, ratings, quests, etc.

She has made programmes about space travelling, history of art, Russian ballet, healthy lifestyle, ecology, social projects, animation and engineering.

All programs are like big roleplay games for more than 100 participants with numerous games and activities for studying.

For example, last year was the year of ballet in Russia. Nastia created the story about one of Sherlock Holmes’ case. Everything went wrong during preparation of the greatest ballet festival. There was a rumour about a theatre ghost. The manager of the festival – Odetta – called for Sherlock.

All groups in the camp presented famous Russian theatres. They prepared their performance for the festival and helped the famous detective to find the criminal.

Every event of the program helped the children to learn more about ballet and made them feel a part of the ballet world.


Nastia Kolpakova

Imagineering and Ingenuity

Dust off your magic wands and prepare yourself for an adventure into the land of imagination and whimsy.

Imagineering and Ingenuity seeks to change how you look at a pile of pool noodles, a bunch of brooms, a tangle of twine, and jumble of junk. Every camp is full of potential for new and exciting program offerings, however many are left feeling restricted by their budget or the abilities of their staff.

Imagineering and Ingenuity is a culture shift anyone can implement to increase creativity and bring new life to program areas that have become stagnate. Resourcefulness is the key to this dynamic approach to guiding staff and campers toward the creation of new ideas and realizing the potential within what you already have lying about your camp.

Come and journey with us as we discover the program potential you have hidden in plain sight.


Erica Thomas

Popular Games at DELPHICAMP

A description of how we organize and play some group and whole camp games at our camp, that have proven to be quite popular:

Intro to Baseball, Gladiators, Snakes and Ladders, Paper Search, The Game of 5 Senses and others.


Aimee Canterbury

Steal This: Outdoor Ed and Teambuilding

I will be presenting a slew of ideas that you can steal and start doing at your camp. After attending several conferences, I realized that the biggest thing I wanted and didn’t get was a bunch of stuff that I could start doing tomorrow! If you feel the same way, then this session is for you! These are not complete how-tos or curriculum, just great ideas and where to get the supplies. My goal is to give a ton of info to get you started on your Outdoor Ed Program or great Teambuilding activities!


Christopher Kallal

10 Activities You Can Add for Less Than $1000 Each

Learn about adding 10 activities to your summer camp program for less than $1000 each (some cost less than $100 to get started.) These new activities may cost very little, but they will have a big impact on your camp’s outcome based goals. Supply lists and budgets will be available as well as talking points to help your governing body understand the need for these activities and the benefits that they hold.


Aimee Canterbury