The following video is meant to give you some guidance in creating your presentation for the online conference.

Please note: I mention in the video that I am using natural light from my window and the overhead light in the room. After uploading the video it is a bit darker than I would have liked. The natural light from the window would have been fine if it weren’t an overcast day. If using natural light it’s best if you do it on sunny day. The time of day matters as well. The overhead light is above and behind me, so it wasn’t much help.


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I want to start out with a video by Gabrielle Raille. This is a video she put together for Tri-State on How to Lead an Awesome Session for staff training. It’s a great example of using different locations, props and a whiteboard. If you do something like this, you will need to do some editing.

Gabrielle also provided a few other resources. (Thanks, Gabs!) If you are looking to record and edit your own video instead of just recording yourself and creating a slide presentation and then sending it to us to edit, here are some software options…

WeVideo –

ScreenFlow –

Camtasia – (I used this to edit the video above.)

OBS – (This is free software that can be used for editing and recording your presentation from your computer.)

Gabrielle also linked to a video titled How to Make Videos with your Phone.