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We understand that you are running a mile a minute, especially now as camp registration is starting, you’re looking for staff, and you’re trying to get all your ducks in a row.

Don’t let your access to these brilliant minds of the camp industry be one more thing that drops off your to-do list.

With the All-Access Pass you can watch and study these fantastic workshops on your schedule…when you’re at your best and can most effectively absorb and implement the material. Plus, the All-Access Pass will give you access to our private Facebook group where you can network with other camp professionals and our speakers.

Get ongoing access to these valuable workshops, and never worry that you missed some golden nuggets that could really benefit you and your camp.

Watch on your time. Don’t worry about tuning in at exactly the hour a speaker is set to go live. Instead, watch when you’re ready.

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Plus, access some incredible bonuses.

Get the All-Access Pass to 40+ Expert Workshops

Plus Valuable Bonuses…

…for only $297 USD

Why should you get the All-Access Pass?

1. You’ll won’t miss a thing.

It could be that one workshop that you missed because of an unexpected meeting, that one workshop that had the information to transform your camp program. With the All-Access Pass, you won’t miss a thing.

2. Watch at your leisure.

The conference starts and maybe you’re feeling under the weather, or you have a lot of work that needs to get done at that moment. Maybe you have some interviews set-up for camp staff. No worries. With the All-Access Pass you can watch the workshops on your schedule. You may miss the live Q&As, but you can always ask your questions in the private Facebook group.

3. You’ll have access to the Private Community.

Community. Inspiration. Ideas. Fun. All-Access Pass holders can connect with other conference attendees who are serious about learning, sharing and connecting with others, the speakers and the conference creators in our private Facebook group.

4. You’ll receive a swag bag of bonuses.

Scroll down to see all the incredible bonuses that come with the All-Access Pass. The bonuses and videos will be available the Monday after the conference ends.

Get the All-Access Pass to 40+ Expert Workshops

Plus Valuable Bonuses…

…for only $297 USD


All Workshop Recordings

All-Access Pass holders will receive access to all 45+ workshops of SummerCampCon 2019. This includes the Q&A portions, as well. Maybe you aren’t able to watch the sessions live, or you want to rewatch some of your favorite sessions. Now, you’ll be able to watch any of them whenever you want. You could even show them to your leadership staff or use clips as part of your summer training. In all, this is over 30 hours of instruction and ideas in a variety of areas. Conference workshop videos are regularly priced anywhere from $20-$50 and are usually hard to hear video of a live workshop in some hotel meeting room. These videos were made for you by the speakers themselves. Nobody is walking in front of the camera here.

($997+ value)

Private Facebook Group

The speakers of SummerCampCon 2019 had their own private Facebook group where the organizers of the conference passed on announcements and information. Now, it’s for the All-Access Pass holders. Since most of the speakers and both organizers are already in the group, you can ask them questions, network with other camp professionals and get to see behind the curtain of this event and other things to come.


As if all those workshops and a private Facebook group wasn’t enough, we’ve put together a swag bag full of fantastic resources and discounts, thanks to our sponsors. What’s in the “swag bag”? Take a look below.

The Patchwork Marketplace Bundle

Here is a bundle of some of the best-selling resources at They are all downloadable PDFs.

  • Instagram for Summer Camp by Allison Vining
  • Letterboxing at Camp and in the Community by Delores Pease
  • Creating and Running Scavenger and Treasure Hunts by Curt “Moose” Jackson
  • How to Run the Amazing Race at Camp by Curt “Moose” Jackson
  • Tic Tac Toe Challenge by Philip Drake
  • 3 Counselor Hunt Variations by Philip Drake
  • Making the Switch to Online Employee Training by Becky Dunlap
  • Lesson Planning for Recreation Professionals by Mary Pope

($86 value)


Free Lifetime Membership

Go Camp Pro is giving All-Access Pass members a LIFETIME membership to their Camp Maverick’s membership site. That’s crazy! Here are 6 reasons to be a member:


  • Meet people like us. Join our community to meet Camp Mavericks like you like you who share your interest in making the Summer Camp industry grow, who live near you, who do the same kinds of camp things, or who care about the same topics.
  • Make better decisions. Learn how to make better, more well-informed decisions about the camp topics that are most important to you.
  • Find inspiration. Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.
  • Share stories. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
  • Get answers. Navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers (the stuff you can’t Google).
  • Have an impact. Actively contribute to the community we’re building online and in real life so that Summer Camp can have a positive impact on the world.

3 Offers

Perlow Productions is offering three special offers for SummerCampCon 2019 All-Access Pass holders ONLY!

Create an ImageXplosion production of up to 20 photos from camp for $2,000

FREE feedback session with Mike Perlow providing a detailed critique of your current camp videos.

A FREE day of aerial drone videography with any summer camp video production of at least three days.

Set-Up Fee Waived

Waldo has come to camp, and he’s packed his amazing photo technology in his trunk, including facial recognition technology that texts photos of each camper to their parents… during camp! And for All Access Pass holders Waldo is going to waive his $500 set-up fee for your camp. What?!

($500 value)

Social Media Trends Report

2019 Social Media Trends, Content Ideas + Tools to Use Now
report by Orange Door Strategies

Get the All-Access Pass to 40+ Expert Workshops

Plus Valuable Bonuses…

…for only $297 USD 

Get the All-Access Pass to 40+ Expert Workshops

Plus Valuable Bonuses…

…for only $297 USD