Be a Camptrepreneur – Start it up

Do you ever dream of owning your own camp? To create something unique and special, be the top-dog, make all the important decisions, and be in control of your own time….this dream can become a reality by looking at the camp model differently.

This session will tell the story of how Laura started her own summer camp company in 2014, running one day-camp serving 188 camper weeks, to now having 6 camp programs serving 1100 camper weeks. She will share with you the model of minimal overhead and maximum community collaboration and how you can do this too.

Key topics include partnering with parks and nonprofits, marketing smart, using data & technology as a true team member, building reputation and a brand as well as the reality of risk, both liability and financially.


Laura Johnson

Bloom: Creating a Culture of Growth and Development

The potential in a seed is only realized through the mix of ingredients, environment, and the attention we give it. We want our campers and staff to bloom, by cultivating a staff with a growth mindset in an environment that supports development for them and the campers.

This session will cover activities, experiences, and practical skills to orient counselors towards development (ingredients), leadership ideas to help create and sustain a culture of growth (environment), and, maybe most importantly, tools and strategies for coaching and supervising along the way (attention). Sometimes it doesn’t take much for someone to bloom, especially with a little care and attention


Scott Arizala

Fan Faves: Four Staff Training Activities that Stand and Deliver

For this session, Kim will share four of her most impactful staff training activities. These ‘fan faves’ engage staff from the onset and then take a deep dive into important training topics such as decision-making, stages of group development, communication and more. Without fail, these activities stand the test of time and deliver valuable skills or concepts vital to staff success. Detailed instructions and a multitude of discussion starters/debriefing questions for each activity will be included.


Kim Aycock

Knot Safe For Work: Handy Knots and Rope Tricks

Inevitably at camp you end up holding a rope with the assigned task of tying said rope around a tree and pulling the rope as tight as you can. Join Ruby for an interactive training practicing some of the most useful knots and rope-work you need working in the outdoor industry. This session is open to all skill levels and it is recommended that you bring a 6-8 foot section of rope with you to the workshop.


Ruby Compton

Making Camp Magic: Special Event Planning and Scheduling

What will your camp’s lasting legacy be? What is that day of summer that campers just can’t stop talking about? Some of a camper’s most memorable moments come from the days when programming is unique. Whether it’s having a water themed day on the hottest afternoon or a special event with everyone’s favorite counselor. Special events help make the summer. How can we make the most out of the rainy days when traditional programming is interrupted and turn it into a magical camp market day? This session is an opportunity for participants to learn strategies to create memorable events that, in turn create eternal memories.


Robert Hunter

Marketing Analytics

Your website has become your business card, brochure, meeting place, the epicenter of your camp’s year-round community in many ways. As such it would be interesting even enlightening to have some or a greater idea of what is occurring there. What websites are sending you traffic? Where is the traffic coming from geographically? Are your marketing efforts yielding traffic? Is that traffic of quality? Are website visitors engaging on the website? Are website visitors taking ‘converting actions’ moving them closer to enrolling paying campers? How do my metrics stack up against my competitors’? Am I doing well or less well?

This session will be targeted to those with a limited working knowledge of their analytics. For those with more experience, you will benefit from our discussion about some industry metrics we are compiling from about a dozen of our clients nation-wide.


Eric Stein

Millennial Moms: A Marketing Guide for Camp Pros

Surprise! Millennials aren’t your problem staffers, they’re the parents of your younger campers. In this session you’ll learn who Millennial Moms are, what makes them different from previous generations of parents, and how you can effectively target them with your marketing efforts.


Kendray Rodriguez

Moving On Up: From Program Director to Exec

As a program director with much of the responsibility of camp, it can seem like you know everything there is to know for running camp on your own. In this session, we’ll talk about some of the higher level things involved with being an exec, what you should know before moving up, and how you can best prepare to get where you want to go.


Allison Vining

Tools of the Trade: 45 tools in 60 minutes

A Camp Director’s life is complicated and, often, all-consuming. Someday’s you ask yourself: Aren’t there tools to make this job easier?

In fact, there are. Join Travis Allison as he looks back on almost 100 episodes of the Tool of the Week from the CampHacker podcast and picks the ones that have the most impact on the daily job of camp director.

This one is for all of the masters of chrome extensions, the efficiency junkies, the royalty of DIY online design and for those people who’s last panel on their phone is full of apps from listening to the Tool of the Week section on our show.

With doing literally no research to back this statement up, the following list has got to be the world’s biggest list of computer, web-based and phone apps curated by camp people, for camp people.


Travis Allison