Camps in Greece – A Model for Free 15-day Camps for Children of the Unemployed

Ever wondered how camps look like in another country?

The first part of this session will be on how Greek camps operate and under which requirements.

The second part will be on a very successful program that allows for 75000 campers to go to camp for free for 15 days per summer.

Race, Racism, & Justice at Camp

This session will attempt to cover a range of racial justice issues that implicate camps. With access and diversity only scratching the surface, topics will also include training, policy, discipline, history, and camp culture. We’ll also ponder how race matters at various levels, from the industry down to the personal level and to camps in communities.

Participants are encouraged to consider themselves and their camps as they relate to justice.

Building a Successful Team: 7 Foundational Elements to Make Your Organization High Functioning, Profitable and Desirable

This session promises to help you identify the speed bumps to hiring a successful, lasting team and learn how to avoid them on the road to building a successful and thriving organization. You will walk away with 7 actionable steps to improve and simplify your hiring process so you are not sacrificing quality for quantity.

Learn to Create an Enrollment-Boosting Registration Form

Collecting camper data is a high priority for all camps, but it’s not always the easiest thing to handle without powerful online forms.

Enter JotForm – an affordable, secure and HIPAA-compliant online form builder that allows you to easily collect, organize, and manage all of your campers’ registrations, accept online payments, medical information, parent feedback, and more.

This session will give an in-depth tutorial on how to get started, build, customize, and launch an online form with JotForm. It’ll also dive into popular camp use cases and outline tips to create a enrollment-boosting registration form.

Productivity 101: How To Motivate Yourself to Accomplish More Than You Thought Possible

Do you strive to create a habit of productivity and organization but struggle to follow through? Are you looking for new tips, tricks and systems to utilize in your everyday work? During this session, we will unpack Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies Framework and discover your own tendency. Are you an Upholder, Obliger, Questioner or Rebel? Discover the unique-to-you approaches you can draw upon to build habits, be more productive, and accomplish more before summer then you ever thought was possible! We will also explore some practical systems that you can implement easily that will help you be more focused and on task.

Creating Super Simple & Effective Staff and Parent Training Videos

If a picture speaks 1000 words, then what could video do if you utilized it to its full potential? In this session, you will learn the various stages of planning, recording, and editing a video that you can use to educate staff and parents in preparation for your summer camp and programming! From this course, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to create a five minute video for training purposes.

The Benefits of a Camp Electronic Health Record for Risk Management and Emergency Planning

A recent study concluded that the majority of camps are missing critical components of disaster and emergency planning, leaving campers and staff at risk. Camps are adopting Electronic Health Records (EHRs) now more than ever, and establishing an emergency procedure for your camp is critical. Together we’ll explore how EHRs can help you prepare for a disaster or emergency, effectively communicate procedures to your camp families and staff, and help your staff avoid critical mistakes. Don’t get left behind!

Parentception: Creating a Foolproof Plan to Answer Parent Questions before They Even Ask

How many times in the weeks prior to camp do you get the same parent questions?

Instead of banging your head against your desk when the fourteenth parent asks you “what time is check in?,” create a pro-active plan that will give parents the information they need before they can even ask for it.

In this session, we’ll talk about frequently asked questions, resources we can create for each step of camp (from registration all the way to post-camp), how to get parents to read the information, and when to send the information out.

How to Fire a Friend

Camp staff dynamics include friends who are now supervisors and multi-year relationships that carry-on far beyond camp. Terminating employment of a camp-friend is akin to kicking a family member out of the house.

In addition to common best practices, this session will explore ways to make a very difficult situation a bit smoother, including how to identify challenges, documentation methods and ways to break-the-bad-news.

Done properly, this can be an excellent growth opportunity for all involved.