If you want to send emails out to your colleagues, here is a simple example of what you might want to say. Make it your own, though.


Hi Sue,

Have you heard about Summer Camp Con? It’s a conference for camp professionals that is 100% online which means there are no traveling or hotel costs. And the registration fee is very reasonable. I know your camp is on a tight budget, and it’s difficult for you to find time to attend typical conferences, so I figured you would want to know about this.

Not to mention that I am going to be one of the presenters. I’m pretty excited about it. If you register for the conference make sure you attend my session. I can always use the moral support.

Check it out at (your affiliate link).
[You may or may not want to mention that it’s an affiliate link. That’s up to you.]

Hope you can attend.




So excited to be speaking at SCampCon! (enter affiliate link)